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Davidson Farms Inc.
Davidson Farms, Inc.
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Duncan, SC 29334
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Bruce and Donna Davidson said "I Do" on August 6, 1983. With a blink of an eye they moved into a little white house, that sat along the road, with the land just a few steps out the back door. They officially became farmers. Nope, not tree farmers, beef cattle grazed the land back in those days. Though, of course, cattle didn't support the family, but at the time, it was farming and farming was in their blood. Many years of hard work, after much consideration, encouragement from his wife, and after many miles traveled, Bruce put down his hat as contract digger in 1993 and with much determination became a full time farmer. The land was cleared, plowed, irrigation lines were laid and trees were planted. No worries, they left enough room for the cows. Today Davidson Farms now occupies over 275 acres with 175 acres planted in trees and shrubs. 
Mandi, the daughter, made her way back to the farm in 2006. "Everyday is a new day, filled with the most amazing gift of watching the beauty of nature change with the seasons. Farming has got to be a job from God." From tagging trees to delivering trees; from selling trees to pruning trees, Mandi's goals are high and the best way to reach those goals are to understand the how, why, when, and where. That, is only accomplished by doing, even if that means getting your hands a little dirty, wearing ball caps more often, and sweating out the summer months of the heat and the winter months of selling, striving to make Davidson Farms proud.  
Matthew, son, was all but born on the farm. As soon as he could grasp the leather halter, he was showing cattle. Twenty years later, his herd of purebred Gelbvieh has grown from one mama cow to 40 Gelbvieh with a few Angus. His experiences have not only taken him from South Carolina to Colorado, from Kentucky to Wisconsin, and many places in between, but from showing cattle across the United States to embryology and from understanding how to disassemble a Case skid steer to repairing irrigation, Matthew has a backbone for farming and the knowledge of how to get it done.